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How To Upload Your Site
Submitting a Trouble Ticket

How To Upload Your Site

Step-by-step Instructions & Screenshots:
Choose your FTP program below. If yours is not on the list, read the General Explanation to see how to configure your FTP. If you do not yet have an FTP program, refer to the Downloads section below.

General Explanation:
Generally, an FTP program will ask you for the following information:

Host/Server Name: this can be your domain name or your IP number
User Name: the user name that you use to access your control panel
Password: the same password that you use to login to your control panel
Initial Remote directory/folder: this should be /www
Initial Local folder: whatever you want (this specifies where on your computer it will look for files, generally something like C:\Documents...)
Once you have established a connection with your domain on our server, it is usually a very simple process to upload and download files to and from the server.
NOTE: All files must be uploaded to your www directory in your account.

Download FTP Programs:
There are quite a few FTP programs that are available online to download. Here are a few, available for free at download.com:

» WS_FTP Free to try (30 days); $34.95 to buy
» Cute FTP Free to try(30 days); $39.99 to buy
» COFFEE CUP Free FTP Free (no expiration)
» Smart FTP License FREE (no expiration)

Submitting a Trouble Ticket
You can submit a ticket by e-mailing support@salienthosting.com

P.O. Box 5550 | Macon, Georgia 31208 | 478.743.6622
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST
Technical Support Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST
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